Tips to Prepare for a Remodel in 2022

Even as things are slowly returning to normal, we are still seeing the lingering effects of nationwide, and worldwide, shutdowns. Material costs are still fluctuating, production and manufacturing are still behind and shipping is unfortunately delayed. However, knowing these things up front allows for some relief in frustration. So, if you’re planning a remodel in your Boerne, TX home in 2022, you’ll want to plan and prepare for a few additional caveats. Taking the time to make these preparations will help your project run more smoothly.


1. Begin shopping for any new “finishes” you’d like to have right away. This includes faucets, showerheads, doorknobs, light fixtures, flooring, tile, etc. We’re continuing to see unprecedented delays in shipping, with supply shortages in other areas as well. So even if your remodel isn’t scheduled for a few months, it’s best to have your selections made even before you schedule your estimate with a contractor. The contractor will also be able to provide you with a more complete cost estimate and then it’s simply a matter of purchasing the necessary quantities.


2. Expand your completion timeline. Allow a few more months to see the project fully completed than you probably would have expected in previous years. With so many delays and shortages for materials, a project might run a little longer than initially expected. A good contractor will plan to hold off on portions of the remodel if they’re expecting a major component to be delayed, in an effort to minimize the discomfort to the client. (I.e., avoid removing an exterior wall to install a set of French doors, if the doors are delayed in shipping.)  Additionally, the spring and summer are always busy times for any Boerne, TX remodeler. So, while it may sound strange to begin thinking of the holidays when we’re just starting the new year, planning ahead for the remodel you’d like to have before the holidays is also wise. Our calendars fill up again towards the end of the summer, as preparations are being made for guests visiting during the fall and winter months.


3. Begin doing some homework on the price of materials. We have finally begun to see the costs of materials declining incrementally. However, they’re still considerably higher than years past. We are seeing the incredible fluctuations that we were this time last year, but they do continue to be fluid. So, it won’t be possible to know an exact number before meeting with a contractor for your estimate. However, doing a little homework at your local home improvement store will give you a better idea on the cost of your home project.


We hope, like all our Hill Country clients, that costs and delays will settle back into an expected range and timeframe. In the meantime, a little more preparation will help with expectations and allow for a smoother remodel.