How to Keep Pets Safe During Your Home Remodel

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Whether you’re focusing on home maintenance or wish to remodel it completely, you’ll undoubtedly have a lot going on in your home. Contractors will be in and out of your home, replacing your floors, tearing down walls, or simply painting them, disrupting your family’s everyday routine. While many things might be going on, don’t forget about your pet’s safety. After all, your pet is an essential member of your family! To keep pets safe during your home remodel, we have prepared some simple-to-follow advice. This way, your pet will be safe, and so will your contractors. Additionally, they will be able to focus on their crucial task without being distracted .

Close off the main remodeling area

Every remodeling task is different. However, they can all pose a threat to your beloved pet. Of course, good contractors will leave your home clean and safe for your pet after their work is done. But while they are working, your home will be occupied by people, tools, and materials your pet should not be around. If possible, the first thing you can do to ensure the overall safety of everyone involved is to close off the area. You may do so in various ways. One of the easiest ways is to have your pet in a cage, crate, or a separate room closed off with a door. No matter what, make sure to supervise your pet and see that they stay safe during the process. Keeping an eye on home maintenance is important – but keeping your pet safe takes precedence.

Keep your pet relaxed and distracted

While your pet may be away from the main area, unknown loud noises and voices will travel to the place your pet is currently at. These noises and abrupt changes in your pet’s daily routine can negatively affect their mood. Your pet may become scared, worried, stressed, or defensive. As a good pet owner, it is your responsibility to keep your pet as calm and distracted as possible.


Make sure they’re in a familiar room where they feel safe. Then, to make them feel completely at home, put their favorite bedding or object into this area. If your pet enjoys playing, you can provide them with toys, spend time playing with them, or give them the affection they need by caressing them. These distractions will not only keep pets safe during your home remodel, but they will also make you feel more at ease.

Get help when needed

One person will have difficulty undertaking various renovation jobs while caring for their pet. Luckily, you don’t have to do it all by yourself! While the contractors will likely handle most of the remodeling work, you will still be responsible for some duties, such as temporarily storing your belongings in a storage unit. So why not get help with heavy lifting (and much more) from reliable local movers in the San Antonio area. They will ensure you have more time to devote to your pet’s needs and safety while your trusty contractors and local movers take care of the essential tasks. So take a breather, enjoy your pet’s company, and we are sure they will be happy.

Schedule outdoor time wisely

When it comes to home remodeling, it’s a good idea to plan your pet’s outdoor time wisely. If you, for example, have a dog that enjoys having a nice walk around the area, why not schedule it for a time when contractors will be at your home working hard on making your remodeling dreams come true? Even some simple (but supervised) time in the backyard will do them good. Any activity that allows your pets to be away from the busiest areas of your home will assure their safety. At the same time, they will be enjoyable for you, so it’s a win-win situation. If you hire reputable contractors like MM&I Remodeling, you can relax and trust that the task will be done right while you’re off having fun with your pet.

Bring them with you wherever you go

If you want to keep your pets safe during your home remodel, take them everywhere with you. Luckily, pet-friendly rules are nowadays adopted by many businesses, which means you may bring your pet to work. However, make sure to check with your superiors about the company’s pet policy first. Because spending the whole day in a new environment can be stressful for your pet, bring toys and treats with you to provide them with some familiarity. On the other hand, you can also bring your pets if you have errands or tasks. Make sure to pack some water, treats, and take a break often so that you do not drain your pet.

Transfer their care to loved ones or a pet daycare

If you cannot keep a watchful eye on your pets, ask family members (or friends) if they have the time and patience to care for them while your home is being remodeled. To make your pets feel at ease in their temporary home, provide them with their favorite toys, bedding, and other items of importance. Once the remodeling is over, don’t forget to give a thank you gift to your loved ones.


Alternatively, contact local pet daycare centers if the people close to you cannot take care of your pet. Make sure to inquire about whatever you may want to know. Good pet daycare centers will be able to provide you with peace of mind and your pet with the necessary socialization. This might be your only solution if you are in the middle of an extensive renovation project, such as remodeling your kitchen. You’ll need plenty of long-term assistance.

Inform your contractors beforehand

Whatever solution you choose, notify your contractors ahead of time. You must inform them about your pets in the same way you would notify them about having children nearby. This is the best way to keep pets safe during your home remodel. Do not hesitate to tell them about your concerns or even ask for advice they can give you. You might even be surprised by any solutions they might suggest. So, whether you’re remodeling your kitchen or backyard, it’s critical to establish a positive working relationship with the contractors who will turn your house into your dream home. This will, in turn, ensure everyone’s safety and satisfaction once the remodeling is done.



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