What Is The Cost Of My Remodeling Investment?

This is the #1 question we receive in regards to these investments in our client’s homes. Projects vary based on materials and complexity.We believe in being up front with costs and expectations and strive to provide the most comprehensive and detailed estimation of costs before the start of any project. MM&I does not cut corners. Therefore, we might not be the cheapest bid you receive. We are committed to the quality that has won the trust and repeat business of our past clients.  Below you will find an average cost for a major remodel with mid range materials.

  • Avg. Midrange Bathroom Remodeling
  • $24,436
  • A typical bathroom remodel can vary dramatically in price based on materials and complexity.
  • Avg. Midrange Kitchen Remodeling
  • $52,452
  • Kitchen remodels can vary widely in price based on square footage, materials and complexity.
  • Avg. Addition Ad On
  • $34,738
  • Square footage, building materials and design complexity will influence the cost of this investment.

Kitchen Remodeling Ideas

Want your kitchen back?

Your kitchen is the the nerve center of your home. You will find great enjoyment in cooking a delicious meal in your remodeled kitchen with new counter-tops, custom designed cabinets, personally selected flooring and on a brand new, stainless steel, 6 burner stove.  The style of your kitchen is a personal .  Remodel your kitchen to be able to handle the traffic, food, and feedback of your peers. Nothing sells your home like a remodeled kitchen. Let our designers provide you a free 3d rendering Kitchen remodeling idea today!

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Why Remodel your bathroom for your own peace

Your Bathroom is your sanctuary. After a days work, a remodeled bathroom can be your sauna, your thinking spot, and your center of peace.  A bathroom is personal. For a reason. Let one of our award winning bathroom remodeling design consultants give you the relaxation, space, and luxury you’ve earned with an updated shower and custom bathroom counter tops.

Why is MM&I Remodeling Different?

Remodeling your home is both a fun and a significant change. You need a remodeling company that doesn’t cut corners, who treats your home as their own, and makes the dramatic change as easy possible.  Our owner is not just and office man crunching numbers. Piotr is a perfectionist, no project is complete until it passes his eye for approval. Having the owner of the company you do business with  actively involved in your remodeling project ensures you receive the best final product a remodeling company can provide.