Most Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes


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Most Common Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes

Your bathroom is one of the essential rooms in your house. So, if you commit to a remodel, you want to
ensure it goes well! We’ve prepared a list of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes to help
you avoid them.

Trying to do it yourself
One of the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes is trying to tackle a project independently.
Now, you can do plenty of things around a house on your own: paint walls, replace light bulbs, unclog a
toilet, etc. We guarantee, however, that none of these things have prepared you for doing a bathroom
remodel. Even installing a prefabricated shower cabin can go wrong! If you don’t properly seal it, your
entire bathroom will be flooded after every shower you take. So, while planning and preparing for your
remodel on your own is excellent, you need the support of professionals to actually carry it out.

Going for the glamour
Another common bathroom remodeling mistake is getting taken in by the idea of making a
stunning bathroom. You might come across a super modern-looking vanity with small sinks, and odd but interesting faucets. Or you might discover an oddly shaped bathtub that would look amazing in your bathroom. However, few people stop and think about whether such items are practical. This leads to
situations where those small vanity sinks splash water all over the place, and the bath is grossly
uncomfortable and slippery. Always remember that your bathroom is not just something you’ll look at; it’s something you’ll be actively using!

Failing to draft a budget
As the experts from Preferred Movers like to say, “whenever planning a move or a home improvement,
make absolutely sure to draft a budget!” Doing so will prevent a ton of awkward situations from
happening. For one thing, it’s not unusual for reckless homeowners to start a bathroom remodel in a
rush, only for the process to stretch for months while they’re stuck using a half-finished room because
they ran out of money. Then, there’s buying grossly overpriced furniture and having to do it piecemeal
over several months. Either situation is more than just sub-optimal! Your bathroom is a room you will use frequently, so you can’t afford to have it indisposed for weeks or improperly furnished.

Missing problems
While you can make your bathroom look luxurious on a budget, a much more critical task is eliminating
all underlying problems that prompted a remodel in the first place. For example, you might have trouble
with your drainage system. Sometimes, slow draining and even back flow can result from the badly
installed piping. In this scenario, lifting the floor and fixing the mistake during a remodel is necessary.
This is more important than just ensuring your bathroom can bedazzle people! And yet, people still
prefer going for looks rather than solving problems.

Crowding the bathroom
Be realistic about what sort of furniture you can put into your bathroom. There are some pretty hard
space limitations depending on your available room. Leaving little space to maneuver in the bathroom
can easily lead to awkward slip and fall accidents. Besides, being inside a cramped bathroom is just an
all-around uncomfortable experience! Since you would likely be renting storage while remodeling, or
you should at least consider this option, it can be somewhat hard to deduce how large your furniture
can be. So, make sure to do measurements, and comparisons well before the remodel actually begins!

Disregarding ventilation
Proper ventilation is one of the most important things for a bathroom. If you can’t air it out and let it
breathe, your bathroom will easily get moldy and fill with all sorts of unpleasant smells. This is the
reason why bathrooms with a window always smell so much nicer than bathrooms without one.
However, even a very basic ventilation system immensely improves things. Unfortunately, older homes
and apartments rarely have one. If this is the case in your own home, then you should use the
remodel as an opportunity to have one installed! This is a good example of how if you properly plan
your remodel from conception to completion and include all the necessary features, you will be able to
avoid all the most common bathroom remodeling mistakes and get a nice-looking, practical bathroom.

Messing up the waterproofing
Bathrooms are obviously, the wettest rooms in any house. Water will inevitably get splashed on the
floor, walls, and maybe even the ceiling if you are careless with the shower head. This means that you
must make as sure as possible that the room can take that level of punishment. The simplest solution is
installing tiles on your walls and floor. This will effectively protect them from the water and make it
easier to clean and even remove any mold if it does pop up. Of course, it is still possible to mess up the
installation of tile if a professional is not doing it. If they are not correctly installed and sealed, water can
still seep between them and reach the vulnerable areas you’ve tried to protect.

Outlandish design
The final of the common bathroom remodeling mistakes is one hardly as egregious as the others on our
list but still annoying. Simply put, it’s following current trends blindly or picking unusual colors and
designs just for fun. This differs from our previous points since this will not affect your bathroom’s
functionality. However, are you sure you want to stare at hot pink or pastel tiles for the next decade?
Bathroom remodeling is not something you have a chance to do often. So, ensure you are happy with
what you are putting in!

Final comment
Our list of most common bathroom remodeling mistakes covers both serious and slightly more benign
mistakes. However, in order to guarantee you won’t regret the money spent, it is still best to try and
avoid all of them. So long as you think about the functionality of your bathroom in the long term, you
should typically be fine!

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