Effective Design Solutions for a Low-Maintenance Kitchen


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Lately, it seems that kitchens have become the central point of the house. During the lockdown, many people found themselves with extra time on their hands and decided to start cooking more. It became a place where people spend a lot of time cooking together. Many families said spending time together in the kitchen cooking homemade meals brought them closer. However, nobody likes to clean up afterward. Cleaning the kitchen after you spend the whole day cooking sounds like a nightmare. But there is a way to make that a bit easier. It has to do with practical design solutions for a low-maintenance kitchen. If you plan to remodel your kitchen soon, you should consider some of these design suggestions we are about to give you because they can make your life much easier.


Use durable countertops

Countertops are probably the part of the kitchen that takes the brunt of the work. You always use them for meal prepping, cutting, rolling out the dough, etc. Not to mention how many times you spill something on it. Things like wine or hot oil can stain and damage the surface. Because the countertops are the most used, they require the most maintenance. You have to always be extremely careful when cutting not to damage the surface, and constantly on the lookout for any spilled drops, so you remove them before they permanently stain it. That is way too much work and effort.


But you can change all that. You just need to be smart when choosing the material your countertops are made of. The best, most durable, and low-maintenance material is quartz. It is excellent at resisting staining, and it is also non-porous. That means it is very unlikely that bacteria and viruses will appear there. Investing in quartz countertops will make kitchen maintenance a lot easier for you.


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High cabinets are one of the design solutions for a low-maintenance kitchen

Another thing that takes up a lot of your time and needs to be cleaned often is the kitchen cabinets. The dust gets everywhere, dirt, stains, etc. And you have to clean it on the inside and outside. But one design trick can help you and save you a lot of time. And that is installing your cabinets to the ceiling. That way, you won’t have to clean the upper side of the cabinet. It may not sound like a lot, but over time you will see that it is actually quite helpful. So much dust gathers in those places; they are often hard to reach, and you must use a ladder to clean them. It’s essential that you remember this the next time you are installing cabinets in your kitchen.


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Use induction cooktop

Have you ever felt incredibly frustrated while cleaning your gas cooktop? So much dirt and grease everywhere. Especially under the cooking grates that can be incredibly hard to reach. You can’t just take a washcloth and wipe off the surface. You need to put a lot of effort into cleaning those hard-to-reach places. But the good news is gas cooktop isn’t your only option. Choices like glass top electric or induction cooktops are much better options and require much less maintenance. Their surfaces are smooth and much easier to clean. You can wash their surface with a little bit of cleaning product and a washcloth, and you don’t have to struggle to clean some parts as you do with gas cooktops.


Keep lights away from the cooking stove

When designing your kitchen, ensure the light fixtures are far from the stove. This is one of the most effective design solutions for a low-maintenance kitchen. It’s because when you are cooking, there are so many smells, grease, and fumes in the air and everywhere around it. With lights directly above them, they will get incredibly dirty very quickly. And light fixtures are one of the most complex parts of the house to clean. They are really high and hard to reach. Not to mention how difficult it is to remove cooking grease if you don’t do it immediately. Be mindful of this when installing light fixtures in the kitchen. It can save you a lot of time.


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Minimize the number of kitchen appliances

Nowadays, people have too many kitchen appliances. And most of them are entirely unnecessary. It seems like every day, you hear about some new kitchen appliance or gadget, and you feel like you are missing out if you don’t buy it. And then, when you purchase it, you realize you didn’t really need it, and it’s just taking up space in your kitchen and collecting dust. After a while, you hoard so many things, making your kitchen very high maintenance. So you should buy only the most necessary appliances you know you will use often.


Also, pick easy-to-clean appliances, like those made of stainless steel. That will save you a lot of time on cleaning, especially if you are packing kitchen appliances for remodeling a kitchen or relocation. You have to clean them thoroughly, which is much easier when you don’t have too much to pack.


In conclusion

As you can see, plenty of effective design solutions for a low-maintenance kitchen exist. Don’t rush a kitchen remodel before researching these things. Be aware of the space in your kitchen and how to utilize it best. Get rid of all the unnecessary items and appliances that are just cluttering your kitchen and adding to the workload. But remember, just because it is low maintenance doesn’t mean your kitchen shouldn’t be stylish as well. Be mindful of the aesthetic while adding these design changes to make your kitchen easier to maintain.


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