Flooring Trends and What to Expect in 2020

Whether you walk through your San Antonio door into a modern farmhouse, mid-century industrial loft or a traditional ranch, you will undoubtedly place your feet on the floor of your home. Flooring isn’t as simple anymore as selecting a neutral carpet to run throughout your home. Flooring has become more of a statement and even some resemble something more like art. Here are just a few examples of what we can expect from the flooring trends as we move towards 2020.

1. Rustic Flooring

    We’ve seen and loved the unfinished wooden fireplace mantels, beams running along the ceiling, furniture and so much more. Now, we’re seeing a move toward rougher hewn, wood floors, giving our South Texas homes that “cabiney” feel. Woodpecker Flooring says that we will even see floors with “worn marks and the reclaimed look”.

2. Grey/“Greige”

    There are varying opinions as to the continuation of the grey or beige grey flooring. With its simplicity and neutrality, it seems safe to say that this choice, no matter your material and texture, would be a safe choice for years to come. 

3. Herringbone Patterns 

    Over the last few years, the herringbone pattern grew in popularity for backsplashes and shower tiling. With customers always looking to customize their homes in a way that reflects their sense of style, this same pattern is finding its way onto the floor. New England Home Magazine says that this look is appealing to “homeowners who love a traditional or opulent look”.

4. Sustainability is key 

    Homeowners that are going after an energy efficient home will undoubtedly love the sustainable options that are entering the flooring marketplace. With some interesting options like cork (harvested from tree bark regrows), homeowners can create a look that is both environmentally friendly and beautiful.

5. Carpet

    Carpet manufactures are not seeing a downturn in their market share by any means. Not one to be outdone, customers will be able to find carpets in new textures, patterns, designs and made with sustainable materials. 

Every aspect of your home is special and reflects your unique style. With all of these options, San Antonio homeowners can customize their homes from the ceiling all the way down to the floor.

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