Repairs, Remediation and What You Need to Know

We all hope that our San Antonio homes never endure extensive damages, whether from fire, flooding or storms. Unfortunately, these things do happen but having a few tips in your back pocket can make your home like new, in no time.

  1. Safety first, but time is of the essence.

Your safety is always of the utmost importance. You should never try to return to your hill country home after a disaster (like a hurricane or a fire) until the authorities have declared that it is safe. Once it is safe to return, it is highly recommended that you do so, in order to begin assessing the damage, as soon as possible. Allowing too much time to pass before documenting the damage could lead to an increase in the damage (such as mold and wood rot). Insurance companies may be less likely to pay for these damages if they feel there is neglect in these responsibilities.

2. Don’t judge a book by its cover.

After the water recedes, or the fire has been put out, don’t assume that just because you can’t SEE damage, it must not exist. Professionals know where to look (inside the walls, behind cabinetry, etc.). Never claim to be damage free, without having your home inspected by a professional first. Follow us at @MMIRemodel on Facebook, @mm_i_remodeling on Instagram, or at @i_remodeling on Twitter where we recently shared photos of a home’s hidden damage after extensive flooding, due to Hurricane Harvey.

3. A picture is worth a thousand words.

According to the writers at House Logic, you’ll want to take photos of all the damage as soon as safely possible; and videos are even better. Try to use a digital camera, because these will include a date and time stamp. As we’ve stated previously, damage can worsen over time. So, be sure to document these changes, if necessary, as well. 

4. Finally, let the professionals fight for you. 

Unfortunately, we’ve seen far too many occasions when a homeowner was not aware of underlying damage, only to find out later that there was much more extensive damage after the repairs had begun. MM&I Remodeling is skilled at working with insurance adjusters on your behalf to ensure that you are able to claim all the damage and restore your home, as good as new. 

We hope you and your home are never impacted by a major disaster but if you are, we want you to be prepared. 

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