You’ll LOVE Working with MM&I Remodeling

February is the month of love. Speaking of love, you could love your San Antonio home, your Hill Country rustic kitchen or your luxurious master bath retreat. You can (and SHOULD) also love your contractor! All of us at MM&I Remodeling feel confident that our customers love us (and we’ll give you plenty of references to back up our claim). If you’ve never hired us before, we’ve listed just 5 of the most important reasons you will love working with MM&I Remodeling.


Who here likes to save money?! We certainly do for ourselves but we also want to save you money in your next remodel. We’ve cultivated countless relationships with all kinds of business in order to maximize the benefit to you, our customer. When you shop for your finishes (flooring, fixtures, lighting, even paint) let us get you the best price by utlizing the discounts we’ve earned and can therefore, extend to you.

Measure twice, cut once

Have you ever tried to complete even a small home remodel (maybe a small bathroom) on your own? How many times did you have to go back to the home improvement store for more supplies, or to exchange items because you bought the wrong thing? Our years of training and experience help us to maximize the time spent actually working on your remodel and not running back to the store. We’re also experts in our field and plan out each step of the process to ensure a timely completion of your remodel.

It. Gets. Done

Keeping with the previous point, raise your hand if you’ve “started” even one project and it is still not completed? MM&I Remodeling guarantees a timely completion for every project we start. You can be sure when you hire us for your bathroom, kitchen, or any project, that you’ll be enjoying the finished product in no time at all.

Reliable Perfection

We take pride in our work at MM&I Remodeling. That means that we will never cut corners or rush a remodel just to get it done. Our reputation hangs on our customer’s satisfaction and at the end of the day, we want to be confident in the quality of our work. We might even say that our standard of perfection is higher than our customer’s.

Big city quality, small town values

We are a small business, born and bred almost entirely by word of mouth. While we got our start in the small town of Boerne, Texas, you can still expect the work caliber of our much larger, sister city, San Antonio.

We’re thankful for all of our existing clients, and the fact that they continuously come back to us time and time again. We know that you’ll love working with all of us here at MM&I Remodeling and we look forward to the opportunity.