5 Durable Options for Kitchen Flooring

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The kitchen has evolved into the center of activity in the modern house, serving as not only a place to prepare food but also as a meeting spot for family and friends. Because of everything that takes place in today’s kitchens, the floor must be able to handle high levels of foot activity in addition to the inevitable spills and spatters that will occur. On top of that, it must also be within your financial means and complement your home’s style. However, finding a solution that satisfies these requirements can be challenging. That’s why we’ve consulted renovation experts and selected the top five durable options for kitchen flooring, where you’ll hopefully find the one that’s ideal for your Texas home.

The top 5 most durable options for your new kitchen flooring

If you are planning on renovating the kitchen in your Texas home, keep in mind that there are several variables to consider. So before you start looking for inspiration for kitchen remodeling ideas online, make sure to sit down and consider the most critical aspects of your renovation project.

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One of the most important things you should make sure not to overlook is the importance of new flooring. In fact, if you’re redoing your entire kitchen, you’ll need to spend around 7% of your renovation budget on flooring. And given that your kitchen is probably the busiest area in your home, you will need to invest that money in one of the durable flooring options. Here are our five favorites.

#1 Hardwood
Hardwood is one of the most traditional flooring materials that has often been overlooked in kitchen areas due to it not being waterproof. However, given its naturally high durability and the fact that there are now sealers and polyurethane finishes that make it more resilient and longer-lasting for damp locations, it could be an excellent option for your new Texas kitchen.

The advantages of hardwood flooring are that it is more comfortable to walk on. Plus, if any damage occurs, you can quickly restore and sand it to look new. Another benefit of adding hardwood floors is the great ROI it brings. If you’re planning to sell your Texas property soon, having hardwood floors will definitely help you attract more buyers and sell your home at a higher price.

When it comes to selecting hardwood flooring for a kitchen, you still need to be very careful. Hardwood flooring will naturally be more vulnerable to moisture and stains issues than other flooring materials. Also, keep in mind that experienced professionals should always install hardwood flooring. So make sure to do your research and compare the costs of your remodeling project before making a final call.


#2 Porcelain tile
Porcelain tile is almost impossible to beat when it comes to its unparalleled durability. It has a similar look to ceramic, but it’s much harder and more resistant to damage. Thus, it’s more expensive. It is available in a wide range of dimensions and configurations, including ones resembling wooden planks. Do keep in mind that porcelain can be dangerous to walk on when it is wet. Additionally, porcelain is quite hard, so if any plate or dish accidentally slips out of your hands, you can say goodbye to it.

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Because porcelain tile is dense and will add a significant amount of weight to the floor, stay away from using it on the second-story floor. Get in touch with an engineer or a competent tile setter if you have any queries regarding your floor system’s suitability for tile installation. When it comes to laying tiles, if you don’t have previous experience, leave professionals to handle this quite difficult task. Otherwise, you might end up causing more harm than good.

#3 Sheet vinyl
Sheet vinyl has been around for decades, and in that time, its quality has only continued to improve. Because it is sold in a single huge sheet, there are no seams through which water can penetrate and reach the subflooring below. Therefore, sheet vinyl provides wall-to-wall waterproof floor protection, which is always helpful in busy kitchens that see a lot of spills.

Because vinyl flooring does not become chilly in the winter, as ceramic tile, for example, can, the material is pleasant to walk on all through the year. In addition, it is simple to clean and maintain. All you need to do is frequently sweep and mop with an all-purpose vinyl floor cleaner.

On top of that, there is a huge selection of both solid colors and patterned options available for sheet vinyl. For instance, if you want to visually add space to your kitchen, you can opt for a lighter vinyl shade. Choosing light-colored flooring is a great way to make your home appear more prominent. Vinyl is also one of the most inexpensive, durable options for kitchen flooring. However, the price will vary depending on its thickness.


#4 Bamboo
Bamboo flooring has the appearance and texture of hardwood flooring, but its tensile strength is far higher. The color, grain, and pattern of bamboo flooring give every kitchen floor a unique appearance. Because bamboo is so much more long-lasting than wood, it’s quickly becoming one of the most popular material options for kitchen cabinets as well as flooring.

There are three varieties of flooring made from bamboo. The most expensive and long-lasting type of solid bamboo flooring is called strand woven. Next, you have engineered bamboo flooring consisting of bamboo boards with a layer of bamboo and a water-resistant coating on top of them. Lastly, solid bamboo is produced by fusing together sliced bamboo, and it’s the least durable option.

Keep in mind that the cost of installing bamboo flooring may be higher than that of installing hardwood. Because the material does not have a natural grain orientation, it’s much more challenging to complete the refinishing process.


#5 Linoleum
Up until the 1960s, linoleum was a popular choice for the flooring in both kitchens and bathrooms. However, it’s making a resurgence in today’s market. In fact, it’s proving to be a strong competitor to other flooring solutions made of vinyl. It’s an eco-friendly flooring option that is very simple to clean and maintain, and it comes in a wide range of muted and vibrant hues. Linoleum flooring has the potential to survive for decades if it is maintained correctly.

Caption: Go for linoleum if you are looking for a durable flooring option, but you’re on a budget.
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The best part about it is that it’s one of the most affordable flooring options you can choose. For instance, investing in linoleum is a great way to go if you plan on selling your home and don’t have much money in your budget for staging. You’ll be able to stay within the budget and plan your long-distance move to your new Texas home without a worry in mind. You’ll be able to ensure your belongings reach your new home safely to your new home without having to worry about your finances.

Which one of the durable options will you choose for your kitchen flooring?

We hope you enjoyed reading and that one of the flooring options we’ve listed above will soon find its place in your new kitchen. However, even if you don’t feel any of the materials we’ve selected for this article are your new kitchen, don’t worry. If you do a little bit of digging, you’ll find plenty more durable options for kitchen flooring to choose from. Better yet, reach out to kitchen remodeling experts who’ll do much more than help you choose your new flooring – they’ll turn your dream kitchen into reality!

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