What’s New for 2020 Bathroom Remodels

2020 has taken us down all alleyways of the unexpected and bathroom trends are no exception. Our Boerne, Texas clientele are embracing this new decade, and these ideas, and adding their own “Texas flare” to the mix. While it may be a new decade, we’re not necessarily seeing all new ideas. Instead we’re seeing a lot of modern takes on vintage looks. Here are some the top trends we can expect to see.

Wood Accents

Some things will simply remain “timeless” and natural wood accents are definitely timeless. Mixing in cool blues, creams and grays will modernize these finishes.

Brass and Gold Fixtures

These metal finishes used to only be associated with the term “outdated” but they’re making a comeback with a bang. They provide a bit of nostalgia and a vintage look to a cool, concrete sink or a taste of luxury in an all white bathroom.

Black Finishes

Speaking of “modernizing”…Black finishes are all the rage for 2020. Anything from plumbing fixtures, to decor, all the way to matte black, free-standing tubs; this trend will be a showstopper, for sure.

Abstract Mirrors

According to HGTV, clients are choosing a more avant garde method to ensure proper shaving and makeup application. We’re seeing more shapes reflective of a mid-century style that elevate the space.


The Washington Post tells us that Smart mirrors will be making their way into more and more homes as customers seek to stay connected.

While the year may be a little more than halfway through, we’re expecting the see these trends carry on to the next year. So start playing with finishes and colors, technological features, and some funky mirroring and we’ll help make your Hill Country dream bathroom a reality.