Top Home Improvement Jobs to Complete This Summer

We’ve all been spending considerably more time at our San Antonio homes these past few weeks, and we’re willing to bet that you’ve either noticed some things you’d like to improve, or you’re simply itching for a project to get you through the summer. If you’re out of ideas, or needing a kickstart, check out the list below for 5 projects to improve your home this summer. All of them will require some kind of financial investment, with some requiring the use of a contractor. (You don’t want to install a gas line to your new outdoor kitchen by yourself!) Read on to get those creative juices flowing.

Re-stain the deck and fence

This fell onto Angie’s List, at the number 2 slot. With our scorching sun and summer storms, your deck and fencing are sure to have taken a beating. It’s worthwhile to protect them from the elements and will definitely enhance your view, while in the backyard.

Clean the Gutters

Texas Hill Country storms can certainly stir up quite a bit of debris that could land in your gutters. This causes them to get backed up and not allow water to drain from the roof properly. These tiny dams may not seem like a big problem but over time, this build up can allow the water to pool up onto portions of the overhang and could eventually lead to leaks in the roof.

Mulching the Garden

This is one of those weekend projects that instantly improves your home’s curb appeal and also has the added benefit of protecting trees and flower beds against drought.

Resurfacing the Kitchen Cabinets

With more of us cooking at home these last few months, you might be noticing some wear and tear on your kitchen cabinets. You could also just be looking for a change. This is one of those projects that an incredibly handy “do it yourselfer” could handle but is really best left to the professional contractors. They’ll have the right tools to strip the paint/stain, sand the surfaces and repaint or stain. They’ve also done this so many times, they’ll definitely be able to complete the project quicker and with less frustrating unforeseen issues.

Installing a Deck

No backyard is completed without a way to enjoy it comfortably. According to, this project is one that can run quite the gamut on costs but one that homeowners can expect to recoup at least 75% of those costs, should they chose to sell their home.

And for a few quick and easy projects that the whole family can tackle together, check out these last 5 summer projects, recommended by This Old House and a few others:

Building a tree bench

Light your landscaping and walkways

Build a fire pit

Shine the windows

Create a gallery wall to display all those family memories

We hope this list has inspired to begin your summer projects and, as always, give us a call to schedule a free quote. We love our clients and love giving life to your home improvements ideas.

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