Top 5 Reasons to Hire a General Contractor

Many handy and capable homeowners feel, at one point or another, that they might fare better if they act as their own general contractor. For smaller jobs, like a simple half-bath vanity update, sure! But when it comes to a major project, like your Boerne, Texas kitchen, you will almost always appreciate hiring a reputable contractor instead.

Be the Gatekeeper

  1. Quite possibly the biggest benefit for San Antonio homeowners is only having to coordinate with one person. General contractors will act as your gate keeper for all the additional sub-contractors. They’ll deal with any issues that arise and run options and decisions through you without troubling you to coordinate every single aspect. Every general contractor worth his or her salt has good working relationships with numerous sub-contractors and they know who to book to get your project done right and on time. 

Manage the Timeline

  1. It’s pretty common to expect some delays when doing a remodel (weather, unavoidable shipping constraints, etc.). However, trying to manage the schedules of a plumber, electrician, flooring install, fixture/appliance deliveries, and numerous other components can leave you feeling absolutely bewildered. Having just one of these go off schedule can push the entire project off by weeks as you wait to get back on the schedule with one of the other sub-contractors. However, general contractors know the in’s and out’s of this business. They will set up the schedule from the beginning  and know when and where to have all the pieces and players in place to complete your project in a timely fashion.

Insurance Company Liaison

  1. Now, not all remodels begin with a desire to update your home. Some are borne out of unfortunate events, such as a flood, fire or even a hurricane. After such events, it will be necessary to work with your insurance company to acquire the funds to restore your home to its prior condition. (Of course, any desired updates that are beyond what is covered by insurance will be the homeowner’s responsibility.) The truth is that there are often unseen damages that go undetected until after the project is underway. Unfortunately, if the insurance adjuster was not made aware of these issues prior to the payout, then it will fall to the homeowner. General contractors are well versed in the intricacies of what goes on behind the walls. Hiring one to coordinate alongside you and your insurance company will make the the entire process smoother.

Stick to the Budget

  1. Let’s face it. When we say the word, “remodel”, dollar signs simultaneously appear before our eyes. Hiring a general contractor to manage your model won’t necessarily lower the cost of your project but it can help you stick to the budget you’ve set forth. Do your homework and be up front about what you can afford, all things said and done. They can help you find ways to get the look you desire while not breaking the bank. 


  1. Everything we’ve mentioned thus far has ben a benefit but when hiring a general contractor, there can also be perks! Contractors are typically offered discounts with various vendors (from granite suppliers, to fixtures, to flooring, etc.) They want you to LOVE the finished product of all their hard work. If they can get discounted, drool-worthy flooring for you, they will!

As with just about everything in life, you do get what you pay for and you might have mixed experiences. We always want to offer the best advice to our current and potential Hill Country clients. So, we highly recommend that you get referrals from previous clients and do a little homework before you hire anyone. 

Until next time, Happy Remodeling!

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