Top 5 Flooring Trends in San Antonio for 2021

The year 2020 has laid the groundwork for some new trends to arise and take home design to some creative and dramatic, yet responsible and enduring new directions. We’re seeing new ideas for texture, design and layout, recycled materials and colors that really allow homeowners to express themselves. As you plan your next San Antonio, Texas remodel, be sure to research these trends when updating your home.


When we think of the word “texture” it might lead us to the standard “smooth, cool, rough, soft” adjectives. However, we’re taking “texture” to a new level as we describe a few of the 2021 trends. Hard surface flooring is definitely on the rise in 2020-2021 but homeowners are looking for options that are a bit more resilient, while also having the appearance of being high-end. Enter Hand Scraped and Wire Brushed engineered woods, vinyl, laminates and tiles. This flooring option offers homeowners an upscale, handcrafted look that will stand the test of time and trends. They have the appearance of fine, ingrained scrapes with variations in color in each plank. 

Freize carpet styles are rising as well. Similar to the “shag” of yesteryear, these fibers have been twisted many times over offering the cushion and bounce that homeowners love to feel on their toes. 


We saw a brief rise in some very bold colors this year with jewel tones like emerald green and even some ruby colors. However, the softer, more calming, natural colors and muted tones are still holding strong and are expected to carry through even past 2021. You’ll see blonde and gray wood tones in the laminate, vinyls and engineered woods, along with muted blues in tile choices.


The design styles of 2020 don’t appear to be changing much as we move into the new year, potentially with only slight variations. We’re seeing a longer, wider plank in the vinyl, laminate and engineered (and hardwood) flooring. This helps to make the room feel larger and minimize a busy look on the floors. We’re also going to continue to see the herringbone and chevron patterns in woods, as well as tiles. In truth, patterned flooring doesn’t appear to have lost momentum in San Antonio much at all. Think: unique transitional flooring moving from one style of flooring to the next in any way EXCEPT a straight line.


You know the standard flooring options for your San Antonio home (i.e., carpet, tile, hardwood) and we’ve already mentioned the engineered hardwoods, laminates and vinyls. However, the biggest WOW of the year may be all of the newest waterproof flooring options that are being made available. Vinyl and laminate have long been lauded as “lifeproof” flooring options for their durability, maintenance and affordability and we’re even seeing waterproof carpeting hit the floors of the showrooms. However, what has us most excited is the announcement of an engineered hardwood that boasts 100% waterproof SPC core. Being so new to the market though, these are not easily found at this time but keep your eyes open.  

Environmentally Sound

The impact on our environment is what seems to be top of mind in almost every subject nowadays, and flooring is no different. San Antonio residents can expect to see numerous option in recycled carpeting, with nearly all of it coming from recycled materials. And while we’re on the topic of environmentally sound flooring choices, don’t forget about cork and bamboo.

Your home’s floor definitely has the ability to really make a statement about your design tastes and the overall aesthetic of your home. No matter what you want your floors to say, there are so many options to allow your creative energies to flow and work within the budget.