Three Things to Consider When Planning for a Remodel Amidst the Pandemic

The pandemic has affected families across the United States in numerous ways, some understandably and others in unexpected ways. None of us could have predicted its appearance, or how some of the aftereffects would trickle down but we’ve been trying to adapt ever since. We are a family business and consider our customers to be family as well. So, we want to do our best to help our customers be prepared for these other trickle down effects that are impacting the home remodeling industry.

Material Delays

This particular aspect is not necessarily new to the industry but it has become a bit more far reaching and more impactful for a longer period of time recently. With numerous supply chains either shut down, or man-power greatly reduced to mitigate employee exposure, products are delayed in manufacturing and delivery. According to the Daily Commercial, technologies were also created long ago to dictate when and how much product needed to be shipped and rolling out to stores. With all, or numerous components, of the home materials made overseas, we’re also seeing an even greater delay with those materials reaching our shores and in large enough quantities to meet demand. We’ve always done our best to communicate to customers that they begin making their selections as soon as they contract with us. This allows us to order them immediately, with the deliveries arriving on time for each stage of the remodel. Our advice would be to go a step further for any remodel and make selections long before you contract with anyone. Then, we’ll simply need to take the measurements and place the order upon contract. We would also suggest a few backup choices in case the items are backordered for months. This may not completely eliminate any delays but might prevent outlandish delays.

Lumber Shortages

Lumber prices have never been an issue for home remodeling in all the time we’ve been in business. With higher demand due to lower home loan interest rates, lumber mills shut down or greatly reduced in man-power, and the trade disputes between the US and Canada, we’re seeing an unprecedented shortage in lumber and lumber prices up 134%. This is one of those conversations we never thought we’d have to have with our clients and it pains us to say that it increases the cost of every remodel as the cost of supplies has increased exponentially. The good news is though, that according to Fortune, they are hopeful that this shortage will level off toward the end of 2020, which will also hopefully mean that prices will begin to whittle their way back down.

Remodeling for the Pandemic

With so many more families altering their daily routines to accommodate working and schooling from home, many families are restructuring their homes to include work spaces, home gyms, play spaces, etc. If you’re planning a remodel to allow for your family’s changing needs in this new way of life, it might be beneficial to hire a designer and/or architect to help explore other ways of maximizing your home’s footprint. The New York Times also suggests building structures separate from the home, in the backyard, that offer more privacy or quiet for a home office or school room. It would also be beneficial to receive the advice of how these spaces might be repurposed down the road, should your family’s lifestyle or needs change.

None of us could have predicted or expected the far reaching effects of this pandemic but our clients CAN expect that we will do our best to help you be as prepared as possible going into every remodel. While we can’t change some of these things right now, but we CAN do our best to give you the best experience possible as we help you update your home to meet your needs.