Surviving a Remodel

Remodeling a part of the home has been compared to to planning a wedding, in terms of stress. Both are tremendously rewarding but can be exhausting and put a strain on even the best families. Luckily, we’ve got some great tips to help you feel more prepared, endure the inconveniences and hopefully, be excited for another remodel, down the road.



  1. Clear the Clutter

Some contractors may not mind moving your decor, furniture, and kick knacks around, and out of the way.  However their job will certainly be easier (and move along faster) if your items are moved out of the room prior to their arrival at the beginning of the project. This also lends itself to your peace of mind at knowing your items are safely packed up and stored. You’ll definitely want them away from the dust, paint, etc. that go hand-in-hand with a remodel of your Boerne, TX home.

2. Get to Know Your Contractors

You probably did quite a bit of research on the various contractors you hired to complete your kitchen or bath remodel. You might’ve reviewed their work and hopefully, received glowing responses from previous clients. Don’t stop there though. These folks will be in your home for weeks to come and would like to grow a great working relationship with you. Keep the lines of respectful communication open, so everyone is on the same page. Your contractors WANT you to be happy. Referrals are their bread and butter.

3. Prepare to Live Unconventionally

Most of us could not live at a hotel for 6 weeks while our kitchens endure a remodel. This means you may find your living room doubling as a makeshift space. Better Homes & Gardens recommends that you find alternative solutions for these inconveniences by planning and preparing ahead of time. For example, move appliances like refrigerators and microwaves into the living room. You may also need to plan for other places to shower (like at your gym) if the water will be turned off for a day or so. 

4. Expectations

The truth is that no matter how carefully you plan, there will still be some discomfort because you will not be used to living amidst construction. However, expecting a little discomfort and inconvenience (and knowing that it will be relatively short lived, in order to achieve your dream master bath oasis!) will make it much more palatable.



MM&I Remodeling strives to ensure a positive experience for each of our customers, every time. Whether you choose to work with us or not, we hope these tips will help you feel more prepared to undertake a remodel and get the most out of the experience. 

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