MM&I Remodeling’s Top “Apps” to Use in a Remodel

These days, “there is an app for everything”. With apps for shopping, measuring your activity and even apps to help you sleep better, why shouldn’t there be an app to help you plan your next remodel? While we still recommend that you hire a licensed professional contractor to do most of the work in your San Antonio home, you can definitely take the reins in designing the finished look. We did the legwork, tested these apps for ourselves and we’re here to give you our Top Picks.

TapPainter (iOS: $2.99)
Repainting a room in your San Antonio home can be a challenge, especially when toying with a dramatic change. This app, available for Apple products, offers the opportunity to try out paint colors without the endless trips to the store, gathering swatches and buying numerous paint samples only to get home and decide you don’t like the color. You’ll have access to name brands like Sherwin-Williams, Behr and more. This app is  a great tool that allows you to step out of your paint color comfort zone and try out a radical change!

Roomle (Basic version: Free for iOS and Android)
Designing the layout for your remodeled space will be fun with the Roomle app! The user-friendly interface allows you to select a similar layout to the room of your choice or customize the layout with the exact dimensions on the Roomle website. After completing these steps, simply select furniture pieces similar to your own or try out new pieces to see how they fit in the space. One of the best things about this app is being able to shop for the furniture pieces directly from the app!

Home Design 3D (Basic version: Free for iOS and Android)
Would you like to alter your existing floor plan but aren’t sure if the “flow” will work? Or maybe you’d like to play around with various floorplan designs before settling on one idea with a contractor. This app allows you to draw out your floorplans, design the space and decorate, all with 3D rendering. The Home Design 3D app doesn’t stop at the interior, either. You can create entirely new landscapes that will be just as beautiful as the new floorplan inside.

Houzz (Free for iOS and Android)
Last, but certainly not least, is one of our favorite apps. Houzz allows you to share ideas with other users and get advice from the Houzz community, including other home owners and professionals. Shopping for furniture, décor, fixtures and appliances is incredibly easy on this app. You can even follow MM&I Remodeling to view our design ideas!

With millions of apps to help you do just about anything in San Antonio, these apps don’t disappoint! If you aren’t currently in the middle of a remodel, you just might decide to go for it after playing with some of these apps

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