Current Remodeling Projects

Boerne Water Damage Update – 7/26/20

Remodeling after a water leak can sometimes feel like a treasure hunt that we don’t want to win. We’re always on the lookout for unseen damage and we hope it isn’t there. However, it’s definitely good when we find the damage before the homeowner moves back in and the water leak has become a mold issue. After these repairs, we’ll get to update flooring, refinish the cabinets and upgrade the countertops.

Boerne Water Damage Repair – 7/15/20

Water leaks are NO fun and can be such a headache. Luckily, we are well-versed in remediation and repairs for such events. We will be removing the flooring and baseboards, then treating for mold and rot. Once this is complete, we’re replace the flooring with an updated wood-look tile. To see our progress and follow this project from beginning to end, check back here.

San Antonio Ceiling Repair – 6/1/20

It was a short 10 foot flight from the attic to the living room for our San Antonio clients that ended, fortunately, with no injuries. They can laugh about it now and we’re thankful to have been able to make the repairs like it never happened.

Hill Country Garage Door – 5/28/20

Garage doors are usually an afterthought and not much attention is paid until they stop working. Our clients decided to take advantage of the situation and update their garage to make it more of a focal point. The stain and offset windows brought a rustic and contemporary charm to this Texas Hill Country residence.

Boerne Roof – 5/20/20

A lot of our work has been focused on the outside of our clients’ homes recently and our schedule is still packed after the damage from the Easter storms. Our Boerne clients no longer have to fear the Texas Hill Country thunderstorms though, now that we’ve replaced all of the damaged plywood, repainted the facia and installed a new standing seam roof.

Gulf Coast Rot Repair -5/5/30

Unfortunately, we know all too well that the phrase, “you can’t judge a book by it’s cover” is oh, so true in construction. To the naked eye, the exterior of this beach front home LOOKS to be in fine shape. Upon a more in depth inspection however, we see that much of the siding, framework, etc are rotted away after such extensive water damage. Word to the wise: always have a trusted contractor inspect your home after large storms. We have the tools, knowledge and expertise to ensure that no damaged “stone goes unturned”.

Gulf Coast Hurricane Shutter-4/17/20

After Hurricane Harvey, numerous new requirements were put into place when repairing and remodeling the damage along the Texas Coastline. Hurricane shutters are one of these new requirements, and necessary in order to obtain Windstorm Insurance. Our client wanted to be sure that her investment would be covered and would be able to withstand another storm.

Coastal Custom Window Framing – 3/27/20

We’re definitely not limited in our abilities and love to show off all our talents, such as this custom window trim work. Our clients requested this custom framing to finish out the newly installed floor-to-ceiling windows in their beach house. Adding this element creates a polished look and draws the eyes exactly where our clients wanted them: to the stunning view right outside.

Aransas Pass Bathroom Remodel Cont’d -3/16/20

Our Aransas Pass clients kept a cohesive look throughout each bathroom to maintain the aesthetic of the home. Our clients chose clean lines for the shower and small diamond pattern flooring in the smaller bathroom to not overwhelm the space. Selecting a funky tile insert for the fourth bathroom added just enough interest to update the shower without going overboard.

Aransas Pass Bathroom Remodel – 3/3/20

We love the natural, sandy tones that our Aransas Pass customers chose to finish out their bathrooms. From the veining in the tile, to the glass inlay, to the decor,  everything ties together perfectly to remind them of the beach right outside their door. Their excellent taste carries through to the additional bathrooms that we’ll share soon. Check back for more on this and our other projects.

Rockport Mold Remediation & Remodel Cont’d-1/30/20

The remediation process continues for our Rockport, Texas clients. It seems that the more we pull back the sheetrock, the more mold we find. While this undoubtedly evokes feelings of unease; rest assured we are highly skilled at the removal and repairs. Soon, this will all be a distant memory and our clients can once again, enjoy their beautiful home.

Rockport Mold Remediation & Remodel-01/09/20

Our Rockport client’s home was initially inspected and assumed has having no damage after Hurricane Harvey because no damage was visible. However, after a relatively short amount of time, the moldy odor became quite apparent, as you can see here. Stay tuned as we share more photos of the mold that in fact, ran throughout this home, and we reveal the progress we’re making in restoring this home.

Coastal Bend Whole Home Remodel Cont’d – 11/18/2019

While we cannot guarantee another massive hurricane, with catastrophic flooding won’t occur again, we want to abide by the latest standards ensuring our Gulf Coast client’s homes are as prepared as possible. Of course, we hope our clients never have to endure another storm like Hurricane Harvey.

Hill Country Patio Conversion – 10/29/19

Our Hill Country clients were wanting to add to the square footage of their home by converting their back patio into a multi-use space. After enclosing the walls, a stone finish was built up around the exterior of the home, as well as the interior space. Our clients wanted to separate the spaces to include a rec-space, lounge area and a space for their dogs. They chose a high-end, wood finish tile to complete the remodel, and prevent their pets from damaging the floors. Last but not least, these custom made “doggie doors” were installed to contain their pups.

Coastal Bend Whole Home Remodel Cont’d – 9/25/2019

Mold is not always visible to the naked eye, even after an impressive storm. Such was the case for the home we’re remediating and remodeling in Rockport, Texas. As was the case with the interior of the home, we soon discovered extensive moldy and rotten wood behind the exterior facade. This all must be removed and replaced to ensure the structural integrity of the home and meet EPA standard guidelines.  

Gulf Coast Whole Home Remodel – 9/6/19

We love the relationship we have with our clients, when we can earn their trust to restore their homes. After extensive damage occurred, due to Hurricane Harvey, we had to gut nearly every inch of this Gulf Coast home. The homeowners had these beautiful built-in shelves already but they needed to be replaced, along with all of the molded insulation and drywall. Things are coming together in this lovely Rockport, Texas home but it is still in progress, so stay tuned for more updates.

Coastal Bend Remodel – 8/22/19

Our Coastal Bend clients decided to make lemonade from lemons with updates around their home, amid the numerous restoration repairs due to sustaining water damage from a hurricane. As we continue to make progress on this lovely home, we are excited to see the master shower take shape with new tile surround, updated accent tiles and a coordinated shower floor. After removing and repairing the areas with molded sheet rock, we gave a this master bath a fresh coat of paint and are returning it to a retreat for our wonderful clients.

Rockport Whole Home Post Hurricane Renovation 8/14/19

Our Rockport, Texas clients found themselves in the position of needing to renovate their entire home. They wanted to maintain a cohesive look throughout the home that allowed for family and friends to enjoy the beautiful Texas coast without the worry of water and sand damaging the new floors. They selected a stunning, weathered-look wood tile and had it installed throughout. It’s much easier to care for and clean and will allow these homeowners to enjoy their coastal Texas home

Aransas Pass Master Bath & Closet 7/23/19

Occasionally we find that sustaining damage to our homes, pushes us to finally pull the trigger on the remodel we’ve always wanted to do. This was the case for these Aransas Pass, Texas home owners. Along with numerous repairs, they’d been longing to remove the tub in the bathroom and replace it with a spacious stand alone shower. They also wanted to make the master closet more functional by adding custom storage. Higher end lighting fixtures complete the space, giving it a fresh, new look. 

Rockport Remodeling Project 6/30/19

This magnificent Rockport, Texas home endured a beating from Hurricane Harvey and undertook quite of bit of rot and mold, as a result. To remediate this home, we are remodeling the interior and have have removed all of the exterior siding, insulation and weather proofing. One we replaced all of the damaged wood, insulation and weather proofing, we were able to replace the siding and repaint. Check back for the interior updates!

Kitchen Remodeling Project 7/5/19

These Boerne, Texas homeowners loved the layout of their kitchen but wanted to give it a facelift. In keeping with the rich, warm tones of Hill Country landscape, they chose a custom stain to deepen and enrich the honey-toned cabinetry. Next, they decided on a darker granite with gold, cream and warm chocolate brown veins. The granite makes a statement that really brings out the warm hues of the cabinets. Finally, the couple selected a stone backsplash and wrapped the island with the same stone.

Boerne Siding 7/12/19

Boerne, Texas doesn’t see devastating weather very often. However, normal rainstorms can cause substantial damage to a home when mistakes are made during construction. We were shocked, along with the homeowners, when we discovered that the hardy plank on the exterior of their home was merely nailed directly onto the exterior wall, with zero weather proofing in between. Luckily, we are highly skilled in the remediation necessities and we will be able to restore this Hill Country residence