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Kitchen Remodeling ideas

Projects that are Illegal to DIY

Many of us consider ourselves to be pretty handy around the house and after watching a few DIY programs on TV, we feel confident to take on nearly any task in our Boerne homes. However, there are quite a few projects around your home that not only are a little above and beyond even the […]

MM&I Remodeling’s Top “Apps” to Use in a Remodel

These days, “there is an app for everything”. With apps for shopping, measuring your activity and even apps to help you sleep better, why shouldn’t there be an app to help you plan your next remodel? While we still recommend that you hire a licensed professional contractor to do most of the work in your […]

3 Reasons to Remodel Your Boerne Home vs. Relocating

There comes a point in time, for nearly every home owner, when the question of “remodel or relocate” pops up. Yes, it’s true that there are pros and cons to either of those options but, we believe that the “Pros” of remodeling your current home outweigh the cons. You might find that they also outweigh […]

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