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Repairs, Remediation and What You Need to Know

We all hope that our San Antonio homes never endure extensive damages, whether from fire, flooding or storms. Unfortunately, these things do happen but having a few tips in your back pocket can make your home like new, in no time. Safety first, but time is of the essence. Your safety is always of the […]

granite foundation repair dallas

When Considering a Renovation, It’s Important Not to Neglect Your Home’s Foundation

We were honored to have the very knowledgeable Jim, from Granite Foundation Repair in Arlington, Texas, write a highly informative article for our blog. Read below for some valuable tips about your home’s foundation. Remodeling your San Antonio home can be great for both the property’s value and the overall enjoyment of the house itself. […]

Kitchen Remodeling ideas

Projects that are Illegal to DIY

Many of us consider ourselves to be pretty handy around the house and after watching a few DIY programs on TV, we feel confident to take on nearly any task in our Boerne homes. However, there are quite a few projects around your home that not only are a little above and beyond even the […]

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