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MM&I Remodeling Is a Great Place to Work!

The job search is exhausting. Employers have their own list of what they’re looking for but so do potential employees. Employees are looking for more than just a paycheck and they want to love where they work. MM&I Remodeling is striving to be not just the #1 Remodeler in the Hill Country. MM&I Remodeling is […]

San Antonio Shower Remodel Ideas

At the end of a long day, most of us want to retreat to a relaxing space, wash off the day and unwind. An inviting shower that does more than clean will beckon to you. This year, even if you weren’t considering a shower remodel, these new trends will entice you. Incorporate one or incorporate […]

Unique & Creative Kitchen Remodel Extras

During a kitchen remodel, the typical features are always considered: cabinets, counter tops, flooring, fixtures, etc. But what about those little “extras” that make your kitchen unique and functional in more ways than one? Have you ever been in a friend’s kitchen in Boerne and thought, “Wow! I wish I’d thought of something like that!” […]

Be a Flooring Trendsetter in Boerne

Whether an entire kitchen remodel is in your future or you’re simply tired of the same old flooring, you don’t want to spend the time and money having your kitchen floors redone only to decide after, that you don’t like the look. There are some new kitchen flooring trends for 2015 that could make your […]

Is Your Remodeling Company Cutting Corners?

Is Your Remodeler Cutting Corners? So, you’ve hired a Boerne remodeling company but you’ve started to feel like there is always some excuse as to why it is taking so long to finish your project. And after work has been done, you notice that it seems rushed and subpar-maybe unfinished edges or something isn’t quite […]

Top 3 Must Haves For Your Custom Closet

  Whether you’ve already remodeled every other room in your home or you’re starting with what is most important to you, It’s time to give your master closet the attention it deserves. A custom closet. It is predicted that the master closet will be one of the top spaces to remodel in 2015. As you’re […]

Remodeling FAQ’s That You NEED to Ask

  When preparing for a remodeling project, whether it’s your first or you’re focusing on an entirely different area of your home, questions are bound to arise. With all the excitement around getting started, most questions tend to revolve around things like: “How long will it take” and “What will the costs be”. These are […]

Top 5 Trends in Boerne Bathroom Remodeling

Trends come and go and when it comes to fashion (if your budget allows) you can easily keep up with what is popular. When it comes to your home though, you want to make sure that this investment will be something that you’re happy with regardless of the changing times. Let MM&I Remodeling help you […]