3 Reasons to Remodel Your Boerne Home vs. Relocating

There comes a point in time, for nearly every home owner, when the question of “remodel or relocate” pops up. Yes, it’s true that there are pros and cons to either of those options but, we believe that the “Pros” of remodeling your current home outweigh the cons. You might find that they also outweigh the pros of relocating too.

Reason #1: Your home is an investment.
Are your reasons for wanting to relocate from your current home are due to dissatisfaction with your current living space? Even if a move is still a possibility, a well-planned kitchen remodel, in the San Antonio or Boerne area, will pay off in the future.
Every financial expert will advise you to choose investments with the best returns (whether immediate or long term). As with any investment, you want to nurture it and encourage more growth. Investing judiciously in a kitchen or bathroom remodel can satiate your appetite for change.

Reason #2: Moving and remodeling both have costs associated with them but moving can be more expensive in the long run.
When you factor in the cost of selling your home (prepping your home for listing, showing, selling, closing on your old home; hours spent viewing, making offers, bidding wars, closing on a new home; down payment, closing costs and paying the minimum 6% commission to the real estate agent; packing up the old home, moving to and unpacking the new home) it’s almost a no brainer to stay in your current home. Yes, there are monetary costs to many of those items but there are also emotional and mental costs for your time, energy and stress, as well.
Let’s be honest, moving to a new space and new home can be very exciting. Remodeling allows for all of the excitement of a new and improved space while minimizing some of the emotional and financial costs of moving.

Reason #3: Your emotional attachment.
Think back to when you first bought your home. There was something that drew you to this home over all of the others. It already has features that you love; whether it’s the layout of the kitchen or maybe the spacious backyard. However, it might have nothing to do with the home at all but more with the neighbors and the lifestyle that come with living in this home. There are always emotional ties to any home that make it hard to picture living anywhere else. If you find yourself needing a more functional layout, an updated bathroom or a more energy efficient home, a well-planned remodel might be all that’s needed for you to fall in love with your home all over again.

You’ll most likely find that every home still has areas or aspects that you wish could be changed. Choosing to remodel your current San Antonio or Boerne home to meet your current needs allows you to put your personal touch on every improvement. While it’s true that remodeling any area of your home does have its own costs and certain stresses, MM&I Remodeling will be with you every step of the way and make you glad you decided to remodel and not relocate.

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