3 Home Improvements to Add Value to Your Home

There’s definitely something to be said for updating your home with features that are appealing to you and make it more functional for your family. There’s nothing wrong with gaining some home equity in the process though. There are the well known options like kitchen and bathroom remodels, but what if you’ve already updated these spaces in your Boerne, Texas home? Here are 3 ideas to update, improve livability and add value to your home.

Attic Conversion

When most of us think of expanding our homes we think outward, not upward. Lacking the real estate within the lot, or potential HOA contingencies, could prevent an outward expansion. Consider converting the unused space in your attic to livable square footage. When done right, adding another bedroom, half or full bath, and potential flex space, will provide that much needed retreat for older children or teens, or an accommodating space for guests. Should you ever decide to sell, future buyers will love the use of normally forgotten space.

Exterior Upgrades

The heat and heavy storms of the Texas Hill Country take their toll on your home’s exterior. These chip away at the paint and cause the siding to brittle, resulting in an overall sense of dilapidation. Giving your home’s exterior a facelift will not only refresh it’s curb appeal but you will absolutely recoup the cost later, as the value increases. The extent of the job depends on the extent of the wear and tear. It could be as simple as stripping the paint and applying a new coat (sometimes only to a few locations). If yours is in a state of disrepair, it might be necessary to replace numerous portions.

Outdoor Living Addition

The Texas Hill Country (lovingly referred to as the “Texas Mountains”) are what draws many homeowners to the Boerne, TX area. What better way to take in and appreciate these sites than outdoor living spaces. Nearly every homeowner appreciates a quality, and professionally executed, outdoor space.  Whether it be a deck, cabana, or gazebo and fire pit, you’re sure to see the returns on any one of these additions that allow for enjoyment of Texas’ great outdoors.

Whether you’re considering a move in the future, or this is your forever home, you want to enjoy the updates that are made and you’d also like to recoup the costs down the line. Consider any one, or all three, of the options and you’d be glad you did.